Domain Renewal Policy

Our renewal procedure is very easy:

  1. Six weeks before the expiry date, we will send the Administrative Contact an invitation to verify the information held on the register, and invite him/her to amend any domain details, where necessary, to ensure the information's accuracy. Use your password (obtainable online if you have forgotten it). All changes can be made on-line, via the Modify Details page.
  2. Four weeks before the expiry date of the domain (check the date online via the WHOIS) we will send a request for payment to the Billing Contact. If you pay immediately your registration will be updated from its expiry date for the number of years you select and you will not be troubled until the next year's renewal.
  3. If you have not paid at 2. above, then two weeks before the expiry date the Billing Contact will be sent another reminder. If you pay at this stage your record will be adjusted accordingly and email reminders will cease.
  4. At the Expiry date the Billing Contact will be notified that the domain name has expired and that it will be deactivated unless the domain is renewed.
  5. Thirty days after the date of expiry, the domain is withdrawn. The Administrative Contact or Billing Contact may still renew the domain during this period.
  6. If renewal payment has not been received within 90 days from the expiry date, the domain is automatically released and made available to anyone wanting the domain name.
  7. It is possible to renew a domain in 1 year increments up to a maximum of 10 years from the expiry date.

We hope you find this document useful. If you have any questions, please remember we are here to help you, just mail us.