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of the .TM Domain

Joining the .TM registrar accreditation program is easy and enables you to offer your customers the world's most exclusive domain name - ending in .TM - at a wholesale price.

Registrar Program:

  • Fully automated Registry/Registrar interface, via web socket, PGP email templates, or EPP.
  • Access to pre-release product information and dedicated Registrar Support staff.

  • Discount of US$200 off the retail price of the domain set-up fee.
  • If you register more than 250 names in one calendar month you receive an extra 10% discount off the Domain Set-up fee for registrations in excess of 250 names made during that month.

  • Prompt and efficient service. Zone file generated every 12 hours.
  • Immediate access to our WHOIS server, which can be used invisibly and quickly from your own web site for your customers' benefit.

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