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World First - DNSSEC, Live
Companies using .TM names are now one of the most secure on the Internet

November 1, 2009 — Designed to protect companies and their customers from cyber attacks, Internet fraud and counterfeit services, today's users of the .TM internet domain receive the highest levels of protection for their domain names and their customers.

Already used by Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies serious about their corporate image, many Trademark holders already use the .TM Internet extension. Now the .TM Registry is using the latest technology designed to protect .TM users and their customers.

Cybercrime is increasing at a feverish pace. Phishing, where cybercriminals lead consumers to counterfeit websites under the guise of legitimate businesses and brands, has proven to be a lucrative business for the malicious community. In the last half of 2008 close to 57,000 unique phishing scams were launched with close to 82% of the domain names belonging to legitimate, corporate brand holders. In June, 2009, 21,085 unique phishing scams occurred where a domain name was used to attack specific brands. During the same period roughly 190 different URLs were used to phish against a single brand, meaning a brand-holding victim needed to locate and neutralize roughly 190 different attacking domains in order to protect their brand. It is critical for corporations to mitigate cybercrime and their corporate exposure while protecting their customers through the use of .TM.

Already operating on a state-of-the-art, global infrastructure designed for secure operations, .TM continues its aim for a secure and resilient Internet by signing the registry with DNSSEC and implementing a .first-of-its-kind. method in providing service for its customers. DNSSEC, short for .DNS SECurity, is a verification mechanism allowing end users the ability to verify intended destination.s domain name. Through DNSSEC a .chain-of-authentication. is established between the domain owner and their clients thus ending criminal phishing activity disguised under a legitimate, corporate brand.

Maintaining the technological leading edge, .TM is the first registry to allow customers the ability to update their DS (Delegation Signer) records in real-time. With changes taking effect within seconds, .TM name holders can fix compromised domain names instantly by providing a new customer encrypted fingerprint to the registry, minimizing exposure and compromised downtime. .TM Registry gives companies the tools to shield their customer from malicious attack and corporate-espionage while at the same time protecting their brand and corporate image.

For those serious about their corporate image, security and their trademarked, branded names, their names are secure with .TM.