NIC.TM Domain Registry

What are Back-Orders

You MUST read and UNDERSTAND this part
 » A backorder means you will be the next domain name owner, IF it is due to return to the open market
 » If you get the domain name by back-order, it does not include any live time in the zone file
 » There can be only ONE back-order per domain name
 » At any point during the 90 days after expiry, the original owner could renew the domain name
 » Back-Orders will NEVER result in auctions or any further competition for the name.
 » You will not be refunded the cost of the back-order if it is unsuccessful in acquiring the domain for you
If you purchase a Back-Order for a domain, until your back-order expires, you have bought a guarantee to be the next owner of the domain, if the domain would otherwise have been released back into the open market.

Domains are automatically released to the open market 90 days after the domain has expired, unless the current owner of the domain (or their registrar) renews the domain at any point before that time. This is what we mean when we say "due to return to the open market".
After the domain name has expired and it enters its pendingDelete phase, if nobody has already bought a back-order on the domain name the WHOIS page for the domain name will give the exact date & time it is due to be queued for release.

By buying a back-order for a domain you are guaranteeing that you will be the next owner of the domain, if the current owner (or their registrar) fails to renew it. However, you must be aware you are taking a chance, as the present owner of the domain (or their registrar) may renew the domain at any time up to 90 days after it has expired.

The time-line explained, where a back-order has been purchased

  1. The name expires and enters the pendingDelete phase, but it stays in the zone file for a further 30 days and remains the property of the current owner
  2. For a futher 60 days it remains the property of the current owner, but is removed from the zone file
  3. 90 days after the name expires its ownership is transferred to the owner of the back-order and they are sent an email telling them they now own the domain. From this point onwards, it is possible for someone to buy a new back-order on this domain name.
  4. The new domain name owner has 30 days, from the date of the transfer, to renew the subscription on the domain name. Domains acquired via a back-order will never go live unless a renewal is purchased on that domain. Until the renewal is purchased the expiry date on the domain will be set to the date & time it was acquired, for the new owner, by the back-order.
  5. If the subscription is not renewed after 30 days, the domain name will return to the open market (or to the owner of any new back-order).

Names registered through registrars may be subject to different terms and conditions. However, no name will be returned to the open market by the registry until 90 days after it has expired.


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