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Welcome back! - Our renewal procedure is very easy:
  1. We will send the Administrative Contact an invitation to verify the information held on the register is accurate. Please use the WHOIS to obtain your NIC handle information. Your contact details are NOT displayed at this time as we need to be able to identify you if you no longer have access to the specified email account. In such circumstances you should contact the Customer Support Team If you have access to the specified email account use your password (obtainable online if you have forgotten it) to make any necessary changes. All changes can be made on-line, via the Modify Details page.
    Once you have verified your information, using the online functions outlined above the WHOIS information will be displayed giving your details as normal.

  2. The Admin Contact is then able to renew their associated Domain name. If you pay immediately your registration will be updated. The renewal period is set at 10 years to reduce the risk of cyber-piracy and also to enhance the continued stability of this valuable domain.

  3. If you have not renewed either directly with us or via an Accredited TM Registrar by the 7th March 2003 we will send out a reminder to the Admin Contact. If you pay and agree to the Terms and Conditions before the 7th March 2003 at this stage your domain record will be adjusted accordingly and email reminders will cease.

  4. If you have not renewed by the 21st March 2003 the domain will be deactivated from the Zone file.

  5. The domain will remain in the database, but deactivated until renewed, but if the domain has not been renewed by the 30th May 2003, it will be considered you no longer want the domain and your entry will be deleted and the domain will be made available to anyone wanting the domain name, in accordance with the published Terms and Conditions.

We hope you find this document useful. If you have any questions, please remember we are here to help you, just mail us.


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