Example .TM Automated Domain Registration Form

(A :no text (.txt) version is also available).

******************** Please DO NOT REMOVE Version Number *********

Domain Version Number: 1.5

**************** Please see detailed instructions *****************

******** Only for registrations under the top level of .TM ********

0. (N)ew (M)odify (D)elete: 
0c. User ID: (Your assigned ID number for automated registrations)
0d. Password: (Your assigned password for automated registrations)

1.  Purpose/Description: 

2.  Complete Domain Name: 

Organization Using Domain Name
3a. Organization Name: 
3b. Street Address: 
3c. Town/City: 
3d. State: 
3e. Post code: 
3f. Country: 

Administrative Contact

4a. NIC-Handle: 


4b. (I)ndividual or (R)ole: 
4c. Name (Last , first): 
4d. Organization Name: 
4e. Street Address: 
4f. Town/City: 
4g. State: 
4h. Postcode: 
4i. Country: 
4j. Phone Number: 
4k. Fax Number: 
4l. E-Mailbox: 
4m. Password: 

Technical Contact

5a. NIC-Handle: 


5b. (I)ndividual or (R)ole: 
5c. Name (Last , first): 
5d. Organization Name: 
5e. Street Address: 
5f. Town/City: 
5g. State: 
5h. Postcode: 
5i. Country: 
5j. Phone Number: 
5k. Fax Number: 
5l. E-Mailbox:
5m. Password:

Billing Contact

6a. NIC-Handle: 


6b. (I)ndividual or (R)ole: 
6c. Name (Last , first): 
6d. Organization Name: 
6f. Town/City: 
6g. State: 
6h. Postcode: 
6i. Country: 
6j. Phone Number: 
6k. Fax Number: 
6l. E-Mailbox: 
6m. Password: 

Primary Name Server
ns1b. Primary Server Hostname: 
ns1c. Primary Server Net Address: 

Secondary Name Server
ns2b. Secondary Server Hostname: 
ns2c. Secondary Server Net Address: 

Optional Name Server
ns3b. Optional Server Hostname: 
ns3c. Optional Server Net Address: 

Payment Details (for New)
9a. Product: (The relevant Product Code - see guide)
9z. Account: (Your assigned account number)

Current Admin Contact Password (for Modify)
10. Password: